Aims & Objectives

The primary Aim of the College is to ensure total realization of students' potential with emphasis on building character, intellect and physique. The academic and co-curricular content is therefore planned accordingly.
DMC offers excellent education through its academics programmes. Continuous efforts are being made to realize this goal by providing a compatible environment for promoting the process of learning.
The purpose is to educate and train every child so that he /she can contribute fully, his/her talents, to his/her community and nation and the world at large. The cornerstone of the college's philosophy is to teach that how to become truthful, tolerant and loyal Pakistani. The college pursues the specific and sustainable objectives to fulfil its coveted mission.
*         Development of the ideas of nation-building, scientific inquiry, enlightened citizenship and public service in its students.
*         Service as a medium for the realization of the ideals and aspirations of the nation by emphasizing the moral and spiritual values and the principles of truthfulness, social justice, democracy, equality and tolerance.
*         Help towards the full development of all aspects of a childs personality, moral, physical and mental, as an individual, as a citizen, as a worker, and as a patriot.
*         Help each student to lead a full public and personal life whereby he can actualize his potentials to the utmost.